5 Favourites Friday ♥



1. I’ve been using and loving this Catrice Even Tone Foundation since it arrived at the end of last year. The satiny finish applies smoothly, has a creamy texture, evens out my complexion and blends beautifully into my skin. It also appears to last quite well on my face and ‘sets’ quickly, resulting in a semi-matte finish. This Catrice foundation offers you medium coverage, but don’t forgo a teensy bit of concealer to cover any bothersome blemishes or scars.  As far as ‘drugstore’ foundations go I think I’ll add this one to the favourites list. R132,95 at Dis-Chem.


2. When I popped into the Rosebank LUSH store during December the lovely sales girl introduced me to this divinely scented shower cream and that was the exact moment I lost my mind. I proceeded to walk around the shop with a bottle in my hand, sniffing it every few minutes, just like a crazy person. My friend (and fellow blogger), Irina can vouch for this. She immediately picked up a bottle and bought it for me as a Christmas gift. This is what we call a great friend. This is now one of my LUSH favourites. I pick up a lot of coconut in this creamy shower treat, but what I’m actually sniffing is chocolate and oranges. It’s utter decadence without all those pesky calories. R85 for 100g at LUSH


3. I picked up a bottle of this when it first hit our shelves late last year because 1.) It’s a new product and 2.) It’s endorsed by Ruth Crilly. This fruity variant is part of the Sheer & Invisible range. So, does it live up to its name? Yes, absolutely. It leaves zero white residue, feels weightless, smells lovely, revives your hair and does a fabulous job of soaking up dreaded third-day-oil. Well, in my case it’s second-day-oil. What did we do before dry shampoo? Oh yes, we used baby powder. Cringe. There are 6 fragrances available for about R99 each at Clicks.


4. Last week I was still happily obsessed with my Si fragrance oil and blissfully unaware of a brand new Si that was about to arrive on my doorstep. Now don’t misunderstand me. This is a very good thing. I honestly can’t get enough of these heady fragrances from Giorgio Armani. Si Rose Signature is a beautifully feminine rose twist on the original Si. The addition of the two roses has also been accompanied by notes of mandarin, bergamot, freesia, blackcurrant extract, and iris concentrate. Have you tried one of the Si fragrances before? If not they’re sure to become one of your favourites. The 50ml for R1,390 and the 100ml for R1,970.


5. I don’t know what your shower and bathroom cabinet looks like but I’ll ashamedly admit that mine are packed full of new products, old favourites and just plain old messy. If I’m completely honest half the time I’m not even sure what I own, *blush*. Now, as a case in point, let’s take a look at this hair removal cream from Nair. I recently stumbled across it in my bathroom cupboard and decided to give it a try on my more – ahem – sensitive areas. I can cheerfully report back that it leaves my skin smooth and even ‘stubborn’ hair wiped off within 10 minutes. This cream is formulated with mineral rich clay, soothing mango butter and nourishing acai palm, which leaves your delicate areas silky soft and hair-free. It’s definitely gentle enough to use on your bikini line and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again. R60,75 at Clicks.

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