5 Favourites Friday ♥



1.  Up until about a year or so ago I avoided Tea Tree oil like a fat kid trying to steer clear of vegetables. The strongly scented essential oil and my skin just didn’t mix. Whenever I applied products containing Tea Tree oil it would have the opposite of the desired effect. It would make my skin break out instead of helping to clear it up. As you can imagine that’s a very puzzling and frustrating position to be in. Inevitably, this led to my outright hatred of the oil. But fast forward a year and a slow reintroduction back into my skin regime, Tea Tree oil finally left me with positive results. My latest favourite is this 3-in-1 cleanser/scrub/mask from The Body Shop. The packaging, the scent and the actual product are fresh and an absolute delight. When my hormones are raging and my skin is going along for the ride, I whip out this tube and leave the creamy  cleanser on my skin for 5 minutes to help rid my skin of pesky impurities. It does the job and helps dry out blemishes without over-drying the rest of my skin. R140 at The Body Shop


2. Let me start this off with a disclaimer – things might get a bit personal and depending on your tolerance for body talk it might even get a bit icky. I’ve tried countless deodorants, but they all failed at their one and only job – keeping my underarms dry and odourless. Look, I don’t have a problem with excessive sweating, but I do have a problem with certain fabrics causing sweat to get trapped and resulting in not so pleasant smells. Please bear with me, I’m trying to keep this as ladylike as possible. So, once I was introduced to this tiny (and pretty expensive) powder-cream deodorant from Shield my life changed for the better. No, that isn’t a hyperbole, I swear. I can now spend the entire day wearing dresses and shirts that previously made me smell like a dirty sailor, without a single nasty smell insight (or sniff). R70 for 45ml at Dis-Chem.


3. I’ve developed a love for herbal tea over the last few weeks, thanks to this box set of assorted ‘flavours’ that my sister brought back from Bali. I love the idea of a delicious-tasting tea alleviating a multitude of ailments. I’ve been troubled by some stomach issues, mainly a stomach ulcer, for the past month and I find that drinking a few of these healing brews actually help to ease the pain and at the same time soothe my mind and soul. Are you a herbal tea drinker? Can you recommend any to me? Let me know in the comments below.


4. I go through phases in my life. I have weeks and months that are filled up by hours of ferocious reading and then I have months where reading becomes a pushed aside thought that will take place later, but never does. Over the last two months, I’ve been tucking into an endless flow of books. I’ve been reading on average a book (or two) a week and while my eyes are bearing the brunt of my wordy addiction, my brain is soaking up the much-needed means of escape. My love for reading and writing has been reignited and I’ve found myself on more than one occasion reminiscing about childhood days when my only wish was to become a writer. I’ve mentioned it on Twitter already, but I’m thinking of starting up a video series based on books I’m currently reading. A book club of sorts. Would this be something that would interest you? I just finished the above book, “Fool Me Once”, and I absolutely loved it. It sucked me in, spun me around and left me wanting more.


5. As mentioned above, I’ve been spending most of my free time engrossed in books. But right after I read the final pages of a novel I need a distraction to help shift my mind and thoughts before delving straight into a new book. I do that with TV Shows. I’ve only had one show catch my attention lately and that show is Billions – an interesting world of district attorneys, the stock market, disgustingly rich people and a wicked smart psychiatrist who essentially holds all the pieces together. A must-see show that pulls you in and leaves you asking all sorts of questions about morality, love and life.

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