31 Days of #LipglossKissmas

November 29, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas time. It’s by far my favourite holiday and the best time of the year. I’m a total sucker for the festive packaging, cheesy mall decorations and twinkling lights. If it was socially acceptable to walk around in festive attire then that would be me you’d see wearing a big ol’ Santa hat. December is also the perfect opportunity to capture all the special moments with your loved ones which is why I thought it was the best time for me to create a photo challenge. I’ve tried my hand at a few of these photo challenges and even though they’re loads of fun I also find them to be a bit stressful. It always feels like you need to complete every day and if you don’t you will be shunned.

So let me just tell you guys that I don’t really want to call this a ‘photo challenge’. I think I’d prefer to call it a ‘photo fun-llenge‘  because who has time for competitiveness and unnecessary pressure? I want this fun-llenge to be one thing, and one thing only – FUN. So if you don’t like a theme for a specific day then guess what, just skip it. Heck, skip 5 days if you like. You won’t be labeled a bad elf. The only thing I ask is that you please use the hashtag #lipglosskissmas when you do posts a pic so that I can find all your beautiful photos in one easy spot. If you want you can also tag me on Instagram or on Twitter if that’s your social platform of choice.

Grab those cameras, snap a photo and join in on the festive fun with #lipglosskissmas