12 Wishes Of Lipgloss KISSmas ❄ Day 6 – Merry Mistletoes

December 16, 2014

Over here in South Africa we celebrate Christmas in Summer. That means that all the bright, fun shades are what we wear on our hands and (mistle)toes. There are many perks to having Christmas in Summer and one of them is that we can enjoy our December by the pool, sipping on cocktails and basking in the sunlight with pretty ‘Merry’ coloured toes. No reds and greens for us.

Toy Nail Polish recently sent over a pineapple-printed box. Lets stop for a second and take note of that adorable little box. If you didn’t already know I’m pineapple-crazy at the moment so this was a real treat. The fruity box wasn’t the only treat though. It contained three of their five new Summer Maaji shades. ‘Grapeful Royal’, ‘Moka Kingdom’ and the seriously striking ‘Neon Lover’. We all know which one immediately caught my eye. My love affair with orange is still going strong. This ‘Traffic Cone’ shade is a stunning (welcome) addition to my collection. Also, Chai, Coffee and Chocolate shades are a big trend for Summer, which is something that I only recently discovered. I think these muted browns are very wearable through all seasons actually.

The Toy polishes have a small narrow brush that applies the polish smoothly and evenly.  The polish itself has a thinner, non-clumpy consistency and 1-2 coats gives you a perfectly even finish. But the best part is the drying time. I’m usually rendered useless for about an hour after painting my nails because for some reason my nails will feel dry and then I’ll touch something and they’ll smudge, collect fluff and unintentionally look like quilted nail art. But I immediately noticed with TOY that my nails dried much faster than they usually do. This is huge for me. Score!

Another point in the pros column goes to TOY for the fact that their products are not tested on animals, are free from toxic ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and acetone and their bottles are even made from recycled glass. You can pick up one of their stunning colours for R99 on their website or on Spree for R95. However, If you order any 5 Maaji colours on the TOY website you will receive a FREE Maaji mani bag. Next on my list is ‘Minty Sparrow’. I think the shade will make for perfect Merry Misteltoes this December.