12 Wishes Of Lipgloss KISSmas ❄ Day 3 – Spreading Christmas Complexion Cheer

December 5, 2014

If you’ve been following this series then you most likely saw my post on ‘Dreaming of a Red Christmas’. That post is there to help you guys find the perfect red lipstick for the festive season. We all know how many parties and celebrations are crammed into the month of December so looking your best is key. I think before even putting on that red lippie the first thing you should be doing is getting your skin ready for makeup because nobody not even a Victoria Secret Angel can pull off a red lip without any other makeup on their face. Not a good look. Anyway, I recently bought The Body Shop All-in-One InstaBlur and I thought it’s the perfect time to let you guys know a bit about makeup primers.

Primers actually have many benefits which include helping to reduce the appearance of pores, filling in fine lines, smoothing out your skin tone, controlling oil, creating an even canvas or giving your foundation a less cakey finish. You can find tinted primers, oil-control ones and ones that are even meant for a specific part of your face.

Instablur from The Body Shop claims to offer the following:

  • Shine Controlling 12h,
  • Reduces appearance of pores
  • Blemish Hiding
  • Complexion Unifying
  • Make-up Extending’

The InstaBlur consistency is very silky, velvety and almost a bit powdery, but by no means dry. Once blended it melts into a smooth silicone consistency. This translucent primer glides onto my skin, feels weightless and instantly creates a slight mattifying effect. My skin then looks more flat before I apply foundation. This probably doesn’t sound ideal, but it’s hard to explain. However I will point out it’s a positive thing. This beauty contains Community Fair Trade Marula Oil so it’s actually doing great things for your skin while helping you achieve that air-brushed, just stepped off the cover of Vogue look. Okay, but realistically speaking this isn’t going to blur away all your blemishes and imperfections.

It creates a fabulous base for makeup and I can definitely see a difference in my skin, makeup finish as well as wear time when I wear InstaBlur. My application is smoother, more even and overall just looks a little bit more professional. Although it immediately creates a matte look to your skin I wouldn’t say that it effectively controlled shine after an hour or two so if you’re an oily-skin girl then you might want to pass on this one.

I’ve also been using InstaBlur around my eye area and it definitely helps with concealer application and as a bonus it also helps soften crow’s-feet. What’s not to like about that? So in case you’ve been reading this post thinking ‘How do I use a primer?’ I’m here to help you out. It’s super simple. Apply your moisturiser like normal (hopefully with SPF) and then once that’s dried on your skin you can apply a pea-size drop of primer, blend and wait a minute. Then you’re good to go and makeup application is the next step. I told you it’s easy! I think the main reason for The Body Shops’ InstaBlur primer is so that when people ask about your selfies you can say ” It’s not a filter, it’s Instablur!”. Um, apologies for that last bit of cheesiness…

Pick up InstaBlur at The Body Shop for R190. It’s well worth a try especially if you’ve been dying to try the coveted POREfessional from Benefit. It’s not too shabby in comparison.