12 Wishes Of Lipgloss KISSmas ❄ Day 1 – Dreaming of a Red Christmas

December 2, 2014

Welcome to the first day of 12 Wishes of Lipgloss KISSmas (read all about it over here). I hope you guys are already in the festive mood. I’m going to start off by saying that my first day of December, and what was supposed to be the start of this series wasn’t all that merry. We had load shedding for nine hours. Yip, you read that correctly. All I can say is uuurgh! Anyway, let’s forget abut that and jump right into the first of our twelve day series. If there’s ever a time to wear red lips then that time is now. The festive season is jam packed with Christmas parties and celebrations and rocking a classic, elegant red lip is the way to go. However, I know that many of you avoid the boldness of red lips for fear of A.) Looking like a clown, B.) Not choosing the right shade of red, C.) Creating a red mess and D.) All of the above. I will happily put my hand up and say that I occasionally wear red lips but that I would still select D in this multiple choice quiz.

Before you even attempt to apply red lipstick you need to make sure your lips are ready for that loud lick of colour. To ready your lips for red you’ll need them to be smooth and crack-free. The key to this is exfoliation. You can use a sugar scrub (like this one from Lush) or take an old toothbrush and scrub away all the nasty dry flakes. The next step is bringing moisture to your lips, so start applying that lip balm ladies. Once your lips are in tip top shape you can apply your red of choice. I’ve been using and loving this new collection from L’Oréal.

The Collection Exclusive Pure Reds are 8 matte shades that were matched to their brand ambassadors – Doutzen, Blake, Laetitia, Eva, Liya, Freida, J.Lo and Julianne. The shades range from a tangerine red to a dark garnet red. There are so many red lipsticks on the market and to be honest it can be a bit overwhelming to find the right one for you, especially when you keep hearing that everyone can wear red. I used to hear this and become extremely frustrated because I honestly thought I couldn’t pull off red lips. The great thing about the L’Oréal Pure Red collection is that they’ve filtered out the unnecessary and presented us with the only red lippies that you need to be picking from. They’ve chosen a range of reds that will suit all skin tones. Are you olive skinned? Fair and red head? Well, L’Oréal has you covered for the festive season.

olive tones

I was sent two shades to try out – Eva Longoria’s signature brick red shade and Laetitia Casta’s (my favourite) stunning wine red. The colours are extremely pigmented and although they have a matte formula they feel super soft and creamy on your lips. They’re enriched with velvet spheres, pure pigments and jojoba oils. They feel surprisingly hydrating on your lips. They apply smoothly and evenly and now with the brand spokeswoman giving you a better visual clue to what shade will suit you it has made red lips a viable option for many of us. Yip, that’s me putting up my hand again.

Before applying your chosen red colour I would recommend applying some concealer on your lips first so you can start off with a blank canvas and that way the true colour will show up. Also, it’s key to apply lip liner so your application is neat and precise and you have no colour bleed. Nobody has time for that. If your edges aren’t smooth then take a small, precision brush with a touch of concealer and clean around your mouth. The L’Oréal pure reds seem to last relatively well on my lips, but if you’re an avid coffee drinker or serial lip licker then your wear time will be considerably shorter.

You can pick up one of these ravishing red lippies at Edgars, Foschini, Clicks &  Dis-Chem for R149.95. Also, check out my 5 Favourites Friday video where I mention the beauty that is Laetitia. The colour looks intensely dark and almost unwearable in the bullet. But once applied this wine/berry shade is perfect and definitely the ideal shade for Winter. I’ve been rocking this shade with a subtle red cheek and winged liner. An important thing to remember when going red is that the rest of your makeup needs to be understated. Let your red lips do the talking.

If you’re a warm skin-toned girl or your hair is as blonde as Serena van der Woodsen’s
then take a look at Blake’s pure red. Brunette hair and olive skin? Eva’s gorgeous shade might be your perfect red. If your skin is cool and on the darker side then Liya’s theatrical red might be right for you. I think you get the gist. L’Oréal has your back at all the upcoming Christmas parties.