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A Night at Idwala Boutique Hotel


On the coldest night in Gauteng, I was welcomed through the warm and inviting doors of Idwala. I was immediately struck by the African charm that this Johannesburg-situated boutique hotel gleams with. If the glass of MCC or Sherry (depending on your taste) upon arrival doesn’t entice you into spending the evening bundled up beside the roaring fireplace, then perhaps the complimentary creamy Amarula nightcap will tempt you into checking in for a night or two. Idwala offers you a tantalising taste of the bush without actually stepping foot into the wilderness. You can enjoy the ‘Africanesque’ experience while still having all the necessary amenities at your disposal. This is ideal for city slickers like me who enjoy the tranquillity of the bush but don’t want to rough it in the jungle. There will be absolutely no roughing it at Idwala. You can expect a comfortable and relaxing stay.

June 28, 2016 • By
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The NAKED Truth Urban Decay Giveaway


In the spirit of all things fun, I thought it would be a novel idea to play a little game of Truth or Dare on the blog today. I’ve already shared my fondness for the luxury brand, Urban Decay, as well as all the details of their official launch date. It’s 9 July (Sandton City), just in case you missed that bright purple memo. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to recapitulate my feelings for their cult NAKED palettes. I’m the very proud owner of two of their iconic palettes and soon (I’m sure) I’ll be adding a baby sister to the family. So tell me something? Are you a NAKED virgin? Have you never experienced the silky soft textures of Urban Decay eyeshadows?

June 21, 2016 • By
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CLOSED Lipgloss Kisses Mid-Year GIVEAWAY


As far as I’m concerned, yesterday was Christmas day. I know we all utter the same hackneyed words every single year – “Oh gosh, where has this year gone”. But something feels different for me this year. It feels like I went to sleep on New Years Eve and woke up yesterday morning. This sudden consciousness sparks a mixed bag of feelings. The emotion that’s bubbling over the top is panic. It feels like I’ve wasted almost 6 months of this year, but I also need to stop and remind myself that while it might seem like I stepped into a time machine, I actually did manage to achieve a few goals during this period. As part of my 2016 ‘awakening’, I decided to share a BIG mid-year giveaway with you guys. I’m giving away two hampers filled with various brands and products. I’ll be selecting two lucky readers to win. Woohoo!

June 2, 2016 • By
Beauty Review

First Impression: Makeup


I’m a woman of my word. I promised more of these posts and here I am delivering on that promise. I’ve had boxes of makeup thrust upon me over the last month or so. Well, perhaps thrust isn’t the correct word to use, considering the fact that I’m accepting these makeup items with open arms. Why don’t we rather say I was showered with new makeup during the months of April and May. If you’re interested in seeing full-length posts on any of these items then let me know and I’ll get right on that.

May 25, 2016 • By