5 Favourites Friday

5 Favourites Friday ♥



1. I’ve been on a bit more of a healthier eating plan for the month or so. I was on an extreme, cut-out everything diet for about a month and now I’ve started to re-introduce a few things. The most important one being coffee. Damn, it’s hard giving that up. So basically for a month I wasn’t eating/drinking dairy, wheat, yeast, caffeine, preservatives or sugar. You don’t realise how much food has all of that in until you’re forced into reading labels while grocery shopping.  I surprisingly didn’t miss cake or bread all that much but I think it has something do with the fact that I had this yummy lemon poppy seed tea loaf to keep me going. My mom found this recipe and then substituted milk for plain yoghurt/Kefir, aluminum-free baking powder, fresh lemon juice instead of extract and in place of sugar she used Honey or Stevia (plant-based sweetener). She used less Stevia than the recipe calls for though because it’s actually sweeter than regular sugar. If you have a problem with gluten then you need to give this recipe a go. I’m completely obsessed. With a cup of coffee it’s heavenly!

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{GIVEAWAY} Dove #ChooseBeautiful


If you were presented with two doors. One labeled “Average” and the other one “Beautiful”. Which one would you honestly choose? This DOVE campaign is all about how women feel about themselves on the inside and outside. Unfortunately in our society we all compare ourselves to others and base our own beauty on what others think of us or what the latest Kardashian is doing to their face (no, just no!). We all have something beautiful about us. Maybe it’s your smile, your sparkling eyes or the way you laugh.

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{GIVEAWAY} WIN 6 Essie Nail Polishes


The blog is back and to celebrate the new design/layout I’m going to give one of you, my beautiful readers, an opportunity to win a set of 6 Essie polishes. When it comes to colour selection, cute names and top quality then it’s usually Essie that comes to mind. I’ve been a fan for quite a while now and when I’m looking through my nail polish drawer (it’s packed full in case you were wondering) I usually find myself reaching for one of the Essie shades. I’m always comforted by the fact that even if I’m feeling a bit lazy I’ll still be able to achieve smooth application with that trusted Essie formula.

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