Essie Gel Couture Review + Swatches


The trees are alive with green leaves and the air is warm and fragrant with the scent of colourful blooms. It’s officially spring. It’s time to put our dark, moody nail polishes into storage and time to pull out the fresh and fun shades. Essie has launched a brand spankin’ new line of nail polishes for us to play with and enjoy just in time for the change of season. The Gel Couture range features new twirly bottles, a swirl-stem brush and a gel-like formula. This 2-step system encompasses base + colour in one bottle (R169.95) and then an ultra-shiny top coat (R179.95) to finish off the look. The best part? No UV or LED lamp is required.READ MORE

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Urban Decay Review – What’s your Vice?


Shopping addiction? Shoe fixation? Pizza obsession? Do any of these sound familiar? Okay, a moment of truth. We all have that one (two or five) things that we can’t seem to stay away from. There’s a magnetic pull we can’t control and we habitually find ourselves indulging in this activity or food item. Go on, tell me – what’s your vice? Your vice might be a little naughty, but life would be boring if we didn’t inject it with a bit of wickedness every now and again. Urban Decay says it best – feminine, a little dangerous and a lot of fun. I’m sharing three of my vices with you today and by the end of this post, I hope you’ll do the same. Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks (R230) are available in six finishes (and over 100 shades), which are distinguished by the level of sheen, shimmer, and overall coverage. I was sent two of these finishes to try out – cream and sheer shimmer. But they also stock mega mattes, comfort mattes, metallized and sheer.

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Read My Lips – August Book Club



1. Carry on by Rainbow Rowell

I was only recently introduced to the wonderment of Rainbow Rowell (cool name, hey?) in the way of her debut young adult novel, Eleanor & Park – an unlikely, but perfectly charming and heart-warming love story. I didn’t expect to like it as I tend to avoid love stories, and to be honest I went into it kicking and screaming. But to my surprise, the book immediately likened me to the author and I was excited to delve into another one of her easy-to-read fictions. I stumbled across Carry On, and while at first, it didn’t immediately grab my attention, I quickly fell in love with the likeable (and not so likeable) characters she so beautifully depicted in what can best be described as Harry Potter fan-fiction. Carry On is unlike anything I’ve ever read before and nothing like what I expected to read when I started chapter one.

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CLOSED POND’S Love your Expressions Giveaway


You can’t get through a day without displaying multiple expressions on your faces. A coffee break with a friend will put a smile on your face, a job interview will cause your face to scrunch up with worry and that new comedy at the movies will have you roaring with laughter. You can’t help but showcase these emotions on your face and these moods inevitably lead to fine lines. While I love a hearty laugh and sharing a smile with a friend, I don’t love what these expressions do to my skin. But those pesky expression lines are certainly not going to stop me from living my life to the fullest. I love my expressions, but I’m ready to lose the lines. Go check out my previous posts on a few of my #BeautifulHabits as well as my thoughts on the products I’m going to be giving away down below.

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