Wednesday, September 17, 2014

{I've Tried That} ♥ Woolworths Nourishing Facial Cleansing Wipes
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Some of you probably don't even use facial cleansing wipes and if I'm completely honest I also wasn't all that into them a year ago. Since then I've tried several different types from several different brands. It's quite simple actually. I only look for one thing when I'm trying out a new pack - effective makeup removal. I refuse to go to bed without removing all my makeup first. Well, except last weekend when I accidentally fell asleep after taking two sinus pills. But, um, let's pretend that didn't happen. So, anyway, all makeup has to come off before I climb into bed. The problem is that I'm also helluva lazy,  but don't get me wrong. I don't just wipe these across my face and I'm good to go. No siree, I like to double cleanse my face and starting the process with facial wipes is my favourite method.
This offering from Woolworths (R39.99) is aimed at sensitive skins and is formulated with almond oil and pro-vitamin B5. Both are known to moisturise your skin. The wipes are sufficiently moist and feel soft against my skin. Not baby bum soft, but once again sufficient. So, while we're on the topic of baby bums, let's discuss the scent of these wipes. They have a very distinctive baby powder-ish smell that I admittedly find quite off-putting. This might not be the case for everyone, but I happen to not like the smell of baby powder.

These gentle wipes do a pretty good job of removing foundation/BB cream because when I move onto round two of cleansing I don't need to work as hard to remove the remaining makeup. However, these wipes are completely lacking in the eye-makeup removal department. I need to press, wipe and tug a little bit more to remove (non-waterproof) mascara and eyeliner, and this is the last thing you want to be doing with your delicate eye area. If you're looking for an all-in-one facial wipe then keep looking, but if you wear minimal makeup and need a no-fuss, easy way to clean your face then these are ideal. But alas, I will keep searching for my perfect pack of facial wipes.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

{REVIEW + GIVEAWAY} Ralo Jumbo Eye Pencils
Tuesday, September 16, 2014 24 Comments

I've recently started using more and more products from Ralo Cosmetics and I've come to the conclusion that they're quite underrated. Their range of products are inexpensive, but that doesn't mean that the products themselves are cheap.  So far I've used the Ralo BB Cream, nail polishes and eyeliner pen and I've only had positive experiences with all of these. The eyeliner pen is a firm favourite of mine and one of their nail polishes will be featuring in an upcoming post about my favourite shades for Summertime. But enough about future posts let's get down to business. I was recently sent four beautiful jumbo eyeliner pencils (R23.60 each) and two twist pencils (R22 each) for review purposes and then also an extra set to give away to one lucky lady.
The jumbo eye pencil shades I received were Dark Green Glitter, Gold Glitter, Turquoise and Green. I found all of these to be nicely pigmented and very smooth and creamy in consistency. The non-glitter ones glide on and offer a lot of colour payoff, while the two glittery shades were a bit trickier to apply. I don't normally wear such shocking colours, but hey, it's Spring (almost Summer) and now is as good as time as any to start brightening up my makeup looks. These jumbo pencils come with a sharpener in the lid which I think is the niftiest idea. All pencils should come like this, don't you think? The smooth texture of these pencils enables you to wear them as a smudged eyeshadow or as a messier eyeliner look, depending on the steadiness of your hand and tip sharpness.

I found that these pencils blend beautifully and stay put for a decent length of time. I was more than impressed with the quality to be honest. The colours are vivid and buildable and the texture is spot on. I decided to create 4 different, wearable looks to show you guys how easy it is to take these colours from bold to subtle. They don't look nearly as daunting anymore, do they? I can definitely see myself sporting these looks this season. What do you think? Ralo actually have a few more shades on their website, so take a peek if you're interested.
Well, now that you guys know how fabulous these fun jumbo eye pencils are how does a little giveaway sound to you? You can WIN 4 Jumbo pencils, 2 twist pencils and a cute animal-print makeup bag.

It's super simple. Just two steps to enter.

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The giveaway will run until next week Friday (26 September). I will then choose a random winner. Also, please note that this giveaway is only open to South African residents. Good luck, ladies.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

{I've Tried That} ♥ LUSH Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo
Friday, September 12, 2014 12 Comments

When you think of honey-based products I'm pretty sure that it doesn't conjure up images of Turkish delight, does it? Yet that's exactly what I smell every time I use this divinely-scented shampoo from LUSH (R115 for 110g). With ingredients like honey, geranium, neroli and rose this shampoo is almost like a bouquet of flowers in a bottle. These amazing components offer all sorts of moisturising and cleansing properties in the way of a golden amber liquid that smells delicious. I'm a huge honey fan. I pour it over my toast and porridge and now I'm even pouring it all over my hair. Honey is the first ingredient on this shampoo's list so you can be absolutely certain that there's copious amounts inside the formula. There's 50% to be exact. Honey is excellent for nourishing and moisturizing dry hair and adding lustre.
I think this shampoo is absolutely perfect for those of you that suffer from dry, irritated or flaky scalps. This has the perfect blend of ingredients to target all those pesky hair issues. Honey is a natural anti-bacterial that leaves hair feeling soft and shiny as well as giving your scalp a thorough cleansing. Sunflower Lecithin makes your hair shiny and Linseed is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids which will help promote hair growth.

This shampoo has a thickish consistency that foams up beautiful and my hair feels squeaky clean after rinsing it out. My hair is very curly, fine and after Winter it's been frustratingly dry. This little bottle of happiness has left my hair feeling ridiculously soft, moisturised, shinier and even a bit more voluminous. I also love that the delightful scent of this shampoo lingers in my hair for a while. I like to pair it with my "American Cream" conditioner and together they leave my hair feeling insanely silky and manageable. This is another winner from LUSH. However, it's by no means cheap, but hey, they're honest about this and clearly state on their label "This is a no expense spared shampoo". It's available in 3 sizes. 110g (R115), 300g (R235) and 600g (R385).

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

{September} Like, Love & Longing for..
Tuesday, September 9, 2014 20 Comments

It's been a while since I posted one of these. A month to be exact. If you're not familiar with these posts then let me remind you. It's a list of products/fashion items I've had my eye on. It's basically a wish list that's a bit more obtainable. Actually it's more like a shopping list because some of the products I plan on buying withing the next moth or so. Does anything catch your fancy?
1. L.A Girl Gel Liner with brush (R59.95 from Dis-Chem)
2. The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Eau De Toilette Mini (10ml) (R50 from The Body Shop)
3. Skin Republic Foot Peel (R99.99 from Rubybox)
4. Toy Nail Polish in Mandarina (R105 from Spree)
5. Coral Pleated Midi Skirt (R695 from Spree)
6. Dog Print Pajama Set (R89.99 from Mr Price)
7. Creightons Coconut & Honey Bath & Shower Gel (R55 from Pick n Pay)
8. MAC The Simpsons Powder Blush in Pink Sprinkles (R350 from MAC)
9. LUSH Whoosh Shower Jelly (R110 from LUSH)

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

{I've Tried That} ♥ Ordinary Skincare Co
Sunday, September 7, 2014 0 Comments

The first thing I noticed about the Ordinary skincare day and night creams was the packaging. It's simple, straight-to-the-point and well, ordinary. But keep in mind that by ordinary I don't mean the creams themselves are boring. The no-fuss packaging allows the actual products to do all the talking. This South African brand represent their products as honest skincare - especially for those with sensitive skins, and those who have "hardworking" skin - when the years of sun, sand, sea or stress make finding the right product hard. There are currently five products in the range and I was lucky enough to be given two for review purposes. The range consists of three face creams, a moisturising balm (R329) and an eye gel (R450).
First up we have the day cream (R302) which contains a blend of green rooibos, grapeseed oil, olive oil and shea butter. This also offers soothing, antioxidant skin protection in the way of Coenzyme Q10. This day cream is available in two variants - one with added SPF 30 and one without. The night cream (R306) on the other hand is abundant in antioxidants and contains a few extra ingredients like mango butter, vitamin E, vitamin B5, avocado and evening primrose oil. 

I've been using both of these for about a month now and I feel like I'm in a good position to report back. The first thing I started to love about these products was the scent. Every time I use them I can smell all the ingredients that have been used. Natural and fresh. No plastic-like, artificial scents here. They feel non-greasy and sink quickly into my skin. Their packaging is also pretty awesome in the way of their award-winning airless pump dispensers. You are able to get every last drop of product out and I love that I only need one pump to cover my face and neck. These creams feel ultra moisturising on my skin and work beautifully as a base for makeup. To be honest I can't find anything that I don't like about these two. The packaging works well for travelling, they use animal- friendly ingredients and the packaging is recyclable. Ordinary? Pfft... I don't think so!

You can buy Ordinary Skincare Co products from Beauty-Worx or directly from their website.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

5 Favourites Friday ♥
Friday, September 5, 2014 10 Comments

1. I received a sample of this little Clarins mascara a while ago in a goodie bag and I only recently had a chance to try it out. I've used hundreds of different mascaras (nope, that's not an exaggeration) and most of them offer the same thing for me. They somewhat lengthen my lashes while giving them a bit more volume. I have my faves, with the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara being at the top of that list. But I have a feeling that this little wonder mascara ('scuse the pun) might be knocking it right off that prime position. This mascara has a thicker formula that makes my lashes look very long, thick and black.  This mascara stays put and can actually be a bit of a pain to remove. But in my opinion it's well worth it when your lashes look this good. This is also the type of mascara that can look a bit spider-esque if you apply too many coats. But with just the right amount your lashes look WOW! This will definitely be on my next wishlist. (R265 from Clarins)
2. When LUSH sent me a HUGE parcel a few weeks ago you can only imagine how over the moon I was. I mean I almost jumped to the moon from excitement. I have raved about many LUSH products on the blog and to be completely honest with you that ain't stopping anytime soon. And now I have a new product to rave about. Ultrabalm. Who doesn't love one tub that offers many magical uses? This multi-purpose balm can be used for many different things. I've been using it as a lip calm, eye cream, foot balm, cuticle oil, eyebrow wax, cheek highlighter and a hair serum to tame frizzy flyaways. The best part is that it actually works for all of these things! I love the grainy texture that feels like it offers mild exfoliation as well as intense hydration. This balm only contains 3 ingredients and that's all it needs. Organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax, and rose wax will restore all your dry, chapped and chaffed bits. It's amazing how many uses one product can have. (R145 for 45g at LUSH)
3. Spring has sprung and that calls for new nail colours. I usually start lusting for pretty pastels and bold brights around the middle of August. I'm completely over Winter by then and you will find me sporting minty nails somewhere around the 15th. I love the moody colours that Winter brings, but at the end of the day I prefer the soft sorbet shades and the vibrant brights that I feel I can only confidently pull off during the warmer months. I was recently given a large bag of Tip Top nail colours to try out and the first shade that piqued my interest was this stunning lilac-blue. Seriously guys, how beautiful is this unique colour? Perfect for Spring! The formula is smooth and the brush applies the polish like a dream. The final result is super glossy and whenever I wear 2 coats of Tip Top polish I always feel like I have gel polish on. (R39 at Clicks and Zando)
4. Not only is the shade (unintentionally) my favourite number, but it also smells like my favourite thing - Cinnamon. The colour is the most beautiful semi-sheer pink that is called 'Camellia Morning' and described as a dusky cerise pink. It feels smooth and moisturising on my lips and offers a creamy, subtle wash of colour. Are you guys familiar with Karen Murrell lipsticks? They contain all natural ingredients and offer real nourishment for your lips that actually improves the condition of your lips after each application. A few of the amazing active ingredients are candelilla, evening primrose oil, castor oil, sweet orange oil, cinnamon oil and beeswax. There's a reason why their tag line/slogan is "Nothing Nasty Touches my Lips". I was also quite enamoured by the Karen Murrell packaging. I could probably buy one of these lipsticks on the cute packaging alone. But it's also good for the environment. The cardboard box is 100% recyclable and renewable. It's printed with soya ink and the lipstick tubes themselves are made from polylactic acid, which is a corn resin based material that is fully biodegradable. There are some stunning shades on offer and I will definitely be adding another one of these to my wishlist. (R359 on Faithful-to-Nature)
Evening primrose oil
All natural ingredients,
Camellia Morning
5. If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen me post a pic of a tub of paint and if you were stalking my account then you would have also noticed the final results. My home office got a little mini-makeover. I've been meaning to paint the one wall a pretty mint shade, cause let's be honest I'm slightly obsessed with the colour. I've been putting it off for a while, but my sister finally forced me to select a shade and she came over and helped me paint it. Okay, who am I fooling. My sister pretty much painted the wall and I acted as assistant making coffee and cleaning up any paint splatters. There is a reason my sister is a decor whizz and does all that for a living. The colour I eventually settled on was Plascon's 'Cool Watercress'. I've been struggling to capture the colour on camera but it's the perfect mint colour. It's similar to Essence's Colour & Go Polish in 'That's What I Mint', but maybe with a touch more green. I'm in love!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

{REVIEW} Uriage Suppléance Corps
Tuesday, September 2, 2014 4 Comments

If you're not familiar with this brand then let me give you a quick history lesson. Wait, who am I kidding I just Googled the brand as I've never actually used anything of theirs before. Uriage are a French brand that have been around since 1992 and their products are found in over 70 countries. All of their skincare products are formulated according to a strict charter which adheres to pharmaceutical standards. The formulas are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, and with a minimum concentration of preservatives. The selling point for their products is the introduction of thermal spring water as an active ingredient. This is exceptionally rich in minerals and trace elements and is extremely moisturising and soothing with anti-free radical properties.
The Uriage product line is divided into different ranges according to skin types and concerns. There is 'Hygiene', 'Hydration', 'Nutrition', 'Protection', 'Anti-Ageing', 'Anti-Redness', 'Oily Problem Skin' and 'Depigmentation'. The Suppléance nourishing milk (R239.95) that I was given for review forms part of the 'Nutrition' category. This light and creamy lotion is ideal for dry & sensitive skin types. It can be used on the face and body and offers nourishing comfort for all those dry/painful areas on your skin. This lotion contains 30% thermal water as well as Shea butter and cultivated Edelweiss extract, which offers antioxidant, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties.

This lotion is pleasantly fragranced with a subtle floral scent that isn't offensive or overpowering. The product itself is light on your skin but still feels like it's rich enough to actually be doing something. It absorbs quite quickly, but for a minute or two after applying you will feel a bit sticky. My skin feels ridiculously soft and silky after use and applying this soothing lotion after a bath is heavenly. I do notice though that my skin is a tiny bit greasy right after I've used this, so it might be something you would rather apply at night as it takes a short while for the oily feeling to dissipate. I think this is ideal for very dry Winter skin that's flaky or itchy. It's nourishing and rich enough to sort out all those skin issues and the slight oily feeling won't be as bothersome because your dry skin will probably absorb it a lot faster.

You can purchase this nourishing body milk (R239.95) as well as other Uriage products at any Dis-Chem , Clicks or Pharmacy.

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