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It’s officially October! Seriously though, what’s happened to this year? It was March five minutes ago and then I closed my eyes and now we’re in the tenth month of 2015. What? I’m utterly shocked at how fast the months have passed me by. The thought of turning 32 (eek!) this month scares me to death. It’s not so much the number that terrifies me, but rather the idea of being another year older. Anyway, on a more positive note my blog is also turning a year older this month. However, Lipgloss Kisses doesn’t have to worry about crow’s feet, laugh lines and a few extra grey hairs. She’s a baby! She’s turning 4 on the 8th of October.

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Join The #LipglossKissesParty


When the year ticks on I usually become excited as the month of October approaches. This is for three main reasons. It’s my blogs Birthday (she’s 4 on the 8th), it’s my own Birthday (I’m old on the 14th) and it’s Halloween (my second favourite ‘holiday’). This year I decided to go all out and make it a month of celebrations. Cake for everyone! Virtual cake that is. So, what can you expect this October? I’m going to have several giveaways and spoils as a way to say thanks for all the support over the last 4 years. Also, I’m attempting my third photo challenge on social media. I already created and completed two others and I’m super excited for October to be my third one.

In the photo above you’ll see that my photo challenge is called #lipglosskissesparty. It’s time to celebrate with me! In case you’re not familiar with photo challenges then let me take a moment to explain. There’s a theme or prompt for each day in October. You can interpret that prompt however you want to and post a photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #lipglosskissesparty. So for example #12 could be your favorite pair of sparkly shoes, a lamp in your room, a person, a place or a glittery makeup item. It’s all about being creative and having fun. Also, please don’t feel “pressured” to post. It’s all in the name of fun and if you happen to miss a few days it doesn’t automatically mean you failed. It means you’re human and have a busy life. I’ll also be awarding followers with extra entries into my giveaways if they participate in #lipglosskissesparty (you’ll need to post at least 15 photos to qualify)

Find me on Twitter under the handle @lipglosskiss and on Instagram as @lipglosskissesdotcom

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HEAN High Definition Camouflage Eye Trio


Do you suffer from impossible dark circles, redness or discoloration around your eye area? I certainly do. If you nodded along with me then you probably also know what a struggle it is to find the perfect under-eye fixers. You can imagine my big smile when HEAN recently offered to send me one of their color correcting trios. I basically have a whole drawer dedicated to these types of “camouflaging” products and to be honest I’ll never have enough.

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